Prologues: Love or Hate?

I enjoyed the prologue in “A Game of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin. It offered a sneak peek into the White Walker. Of course, we are still waiting for them to show up in the novels.

Do you like prologues?

I started Book One of the Prophesied Prince trilogy with a prologue. It offers a glimpse into what happened at the end of Burden of the Crown. It also introduces Curses, a key in Indian mythology. Of course, since this is fiction, all the magic will get an Anna Bushi twist.

Some of the characters from Land of Magadha are part of this series. While readers should be able to enjoy this trilogy without having read my earlier books, Meera and Jay’s tale is riveting. Meera has always done the right thing, but her one mistake of letting her heart rule her mind could destroy everything she cares about. Jay is groomed to reign until he learns a secret about his family that makes him question his destiny. Read the story of this royal sibling while waiting for Prophesied Prince.

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