Land of Magadha trilogy

Based on medieval India, this is the story of royal siblings: Princess Meera and Prince Jay. The epic trilogy follows the Malla siblings over three decades as they face upheaval and downfalls, uncover treason and royal secrets, and experience shattered hearts. With the voices of their ancestors screaming in their heads, can they guard the kingdom entrusted to them?

Historical fiction that reads like epic fantasy.

Book 1
Book 2
Book 3

Swayamvara Romance Series

The Swayamvara series is based on the ancient Indian custom of Swayamvara, where a bride chooses her groom from the assembled suitors. It’s the perfect series for fans of Historical Romance who love a good love story with a happy ending.

The Dynasty of Raghu, an epic poem by Kalidasa, describes a swayamvara in beautiful detail:
The princess chooses.—The princely suitors assemble in the hall: then, to the sound of music, the princess enters in a litter, robed as a bride, and creates a profound sensation.

Each book in my series will be a stand-alone romance novel about a royal couple. The series is titled Swayamvara Romances.