Heir to Malla, my first book in the series “Land of Magadha” is now available

Princess Meera of Malla unexpectedly finds love in Rish Vindhya, a noble young warrior. Then her brother, Crown Prince Jay, goes missing in Saral lands, throwing the Malla kingdom into chaos. Prince Amar of Padi, known for his penchant for violence, harbors desires for Malla and Meera. Suddenly, Meera is catapulted into the battle for her kingdom. If Jay is not found, the price she needs to pay is steep, her love and happiness.

Coming of Age story of a royal sibling torn between love and duty. Based loosely on medieval India, this family saga of the Malla dynasty takes us through Meera’s struggles, uncovering treason, royal secrets, and shattered hearts.

Here is a handy Family Tree to refer to as you read the book.