War of the Three Kings

They attacked during his absence. How does he defend his kingdom when even the crown is out of his reach?

While Crown Prince Jay fights off invaders in a distant land, he is unaware of the dangers close to home. His enemies strike in his capital. 

The king succumbs to their plot. However, Jay is blind to these threats and still waging an unrelated battle. His foes are targeting him next. Will he learn about the menaces in time to save himself?

Meanwhile, chaos brews in his kingdom, and Jay is too far to help. He was groomed to rule since his birth. Now, someone wants to deny him his birthright. Will he be ready to take on the mantle to defend his kingdom?       

War of the Three Kings is the second book in the epic trilogy, Land of Magadha. Expect danger, royal intrigue, and battles as the Malla siblings struggle to do their duty without losing themselves along the way.

Here is a handy Family Tree to refer to as you read the book.