Heir to Malla

In medieval Magadha, a young princess stands alone between the throne and an enemy horde.

Raised in ancient Indian tradition, Princess Meera neither wields a sword nor wears the crown. She is content to let her father and brother manage the affairs of the court. She performs her duties and knows her place.

When her brother disappears in enemy territory, her kingdom is left without an heir. As princes vie for her hand to capture the throne, her only use seems to lie in her ability to give birth to a son to wear the crown.

Afraid for her people’s future and her brother’s life, Meera can no longer accept her traditional role. As she fights to guard her heart and keep her kingdom safe, she struggles to navigate the royal game of chess without becoming a pawn. 

Can she save what she holds most dear, or is her brother’s disappearance a harbinger of worse to come?

This royal Indian saga blazes with adventure and love.

Heir to Malla is the first book in the epic Land of Magadha trilogy. With the eyes of their sculpted ancestors following their moves from pillars around the palace, the Malla siblings fight to protect their empire—uncovering treason—battling deadly enemies—guarding secrets—without losing their heart.


The author has painted a vibrant picture with her words, almost like a movie. I think this book can be the basis for a very intriguing web series!- Read More

Recommended read by Women Writers


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