Burden of the Crown

Conclusion to the trilogy

Blinded by despair, they fail to see the foe plotting their ruin.

His people revere him for the prosperity he has ushered. His enemies cower on hearing his name. Then, disaster strikes King Jay. He drowns in grief, forgetting his duty as a king.

When tragedy strikes, Meera thinks it is punishment for her past mistakes. One, in particular, rattles her. When she sets out to right her wrongs, she doesn’t know if she can make up for the biggest mistake of all.

Anger festers in Jay’s heart, threatening to ruin all he holds dear. The pain Meera inflicted on the one who captured her heart haunts her. A dangerous enemy seeking to seize the throne uses this opportunity to cause chaos in the kingdom.

Their foe has anticipated their moves to stay two steps ahead. Will the siblings heed the troubling signs? Or will they cause the downfall of their kingdom? 

Burden of the Crown concludes the epic trilogy, Land of Magadha. Malla siblings face their gravest threat yet in their mission to protect their kingdom.