Perfect book for a cold winter night

Book Review – The Love That Split the World

Reading Emily Henry’s book is like drinking hot chai on a cold rainy day. It warms your insides. Her debut novel is full of tenderness and warmth.

This book is about a teenager with an abandonment crisis. To be young and to feel so deeply is a gift. One we don’t recognize till our senses have dulled. You can feel Nat’s emotions like a tide swell.

I did not pay much attention to all the multi-verse and parallel universes. I love Sci-Fi, but that is not why I read Emily Henry. I read her books for the emotional punch. I loved all the Native American tales in this book. I can easily imagine a grandmother narrating them under the night sky, sitting in front of a mellow fire.

If you want to experience life through the eyes of a teenager where every problem is earth-shattering, and every pleasure is a god’s gift, this is your book.