Book Series Review: The Raje Series by Sonali Dev

I finished the Raje series by Sonali Dev. These books are a Jane Austen-inspired Indian American retelling. First off, the brilliance of Austen and her stories are something to marvel at. Centuries after she wrote, the stories still resonate with us. Sonali’s writing brought me joy, and I highly recommend it to fellow contemporary romance readers. Don’t read the books on an empty stomach. You will be raiding your pantry from the mouth-watering food in the book.

Emma Project review (Rajes # 4)

Forget about the Jane Austen adaptation part and enjoy the novel for itself.

Author Dev has written a delightful ending to the Raje series. I enjoyed the dynamic of well-meaning family members trying to break up and dissuade the couple. Ultimately, it comes down to the protagonist accepting she deserves a happily ever after ending. If you are a fan of Austen and the romance genre in general, this book is for you.

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