Writing Update

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While I am editing War of the Three Kings, I have also started writing book three. I just wrapped chapter one of the finale. These characters have been with me for over six years now, so I am heading towards the finish line with mixed emotions. I want to complete the stories of Meera, Jay, and others. I want to write other tales about new characters who are whispering in my ears now. But there is sad music playing in the background (in my mind) as I think of the ending and bidding these characters farewell.

In some ways, this does feel like a mother or father sending their child off to college and mourning the lost childhood. In my case, I do have other stories I want to tell. Those nebulous ideas in my head now will grow into faint outlines and then characters with personalities and back stories and story arcs.

War of the Three Kings: Can Meera keep her secrets past and present from destroying Magadha and the men she loves?

Heir to Malla is available on KindleUnlimited and almost everywhere books are sold.

2 thoughts on “Writing Update”

  1. Editing and writing at the same time? That’s badass. I find I can only focus on one creative pursuit at any given time. Wishing you the best with your WIPs!

    1. Thanks! I usually write only one book at a time. In this case, since the third book is in the same series, I wanted to finish my outline before I sent the second one off to my editor.

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