Book Review: Who threw Draco down the Chimney

I write medieval stories, so I looked forward to reading this mystery novel with a modern Indian female protagonist. Smita Bhattacharya did not disappoint me.

In “Who threw Draco down the chimney?”, Smita brings Romania and Sibiu alive. With the folklore interspersed with the present day, the city is very much part of the story. I would love to visit one day. The eyes did give me the creeps though. Nice touch to include pictures of the city in the book.

Several threads are running in the book, and they are all weaved together to a satisfactory conclusion. I enjoyed the time jumps from present-day to the past.

This is not a typical mystery book where the dead body is found in chapter one, and the rest of the novel is devoted to unraveling the mystery.

Darya plays an active role in the story. She relies on her intuition as much as her research to solve the mysteries (there is more than one).

Darya is a strong modern woman, and I enjoyed her portrayal. I have not read the first two books, and that did not prevent me from enjoying this book. The first two books might have helped me understand Darya better because the reader only gets brief glimpses into her past.

Warnings: Gruesome deaths, Teen sex with an older adult, Romanian folklore and legends are not always depicted positively in the story.

Who would enjoy the book: Mystery lovers and readers looking to read books based on a strong female protagonist.

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