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Anna Bushi

Heir of Thorns

I will become the monster they expect. I will be the nightmare that nightmares dread.

The dark prequel to the epic YA series, The Crest of Blackthorn

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If Lavine doesn’t find those responsible for kidnapping her sister, she’ll lose her only family left alive. But the deeper she delves, the more she is tangled in a web of lies. When she discovers the most powerful part of her dark magic, she’ll have the chance to strike at the heart of the conspiracy and exact revenge. Too bad the price might be her own soul. After Procyon’s mother sells him to a monster, he agrees to serve it to protect the only person left that he cares for. That is, until he can twist his knife into its stomach. But his plan to kill the monster is ruined by a secret so dark and twisted that it will change the course of his life forever.

Agata, Princess of Iberia

Can a gentle girl become a fierce warrior?

Kindle Unlimited

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A tumultuous kingdom set deep in the Caucasus is invaded by an army of fierce steppe warriors. The royal family is slaughtered by a ruthless warlord and only 16 year-old princess Agata and her young half-brother escape.

When Agata stumbles outside the citadel walls, she is faced with a forested wilderness. Without any shelter or protection, gentle Agata faces deep hunger, cold and fear.

As other female survivors join her, she is reluctant to become their leader but fate demands more of her than she ever imagined. Will Agata give into her dream to enter the convent and hide there from those who seek to kill her or will she answer the call of destiny and become a fierce warrior princess?

In a tale of courage, adventure and betrayal, Agata must learn quickly or slip into oblivion as the last of her dynasty.

Trails Unknown – KU

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